It's Science on Wheels: We bring the Museum to you!  We offer fun, inquiry-based programs for the students in your classroom, library, festival or youth center! All programs address objectives outlined in the Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and include pre- and post-visit activities.

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Types of Outreach Programs:

Single Visit Workshops for PreK-8th grade

  • 50 and 90minute workshops for individual classrooms
  • Variety of topics designed for specific grade levels

New! Series Workshops for classes that wish for more in-depth science exploration

  • Meets all the requirements for Title-One Funding in Washtenaw County
  • Each program consists of a series of workshops ranging from  3 to 12 weeks led by a highly  qualified, Michigan teacher and an assistant
  • Each workshop includes a writing component and scientist journals for every student. Students will also receive a goody bag at the conclusion of the series. 

Family Fun Science Nights (evening) for families

  • Interactive science and math activities geared towards the whole family, encouraging parental involvement in their children’s learning
  • Special Young Scientist Family Night for preschoolers!

Super Science and Math Days (daytime) for PreK-8th grade

  • Interactive activities during the school day
  • Science and math-based program for individual grades or the whole school

Try-This-At-Home (and Other Demos) Auditorium Programs

  • Auditorium-styled assembly programs for the whole school
  • Variety of themes available in accordance with grade levels Summer Science Festivals
  • Available all yearlong!  Infuse your event with fun, educational activities
  • Great addition to end of the year parties

Custom Programs

  • Want to see something else?  We can customize almost any program. You never know what’s possible until you ask!

To Register for an Outreach Program

  • Contact the Outreach Coordinator at 734.995.5439 (if you encounter a recorded message, please leave complete information and we will return your call — no reservation request left as a recorded message can be guaranteed)
  • In addition to program fees, a round-trip mileage fee will be charged. This rate varies, but is currently $0.60/mile. If different, we will let you know when booking!
  • Scholarships are available through the Discover Science Assistance Fund to those who qualify.
  • A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to hold your reservation
  • Final payment is due 30 days prior to your scheduled program
  • If a program is cancelled less than 4 weeks before the scheduled date, the Museum keeps the entire fee (this fee can be applied to a rescheduled date)
  • For more information please contact the Outreach Coordinator at 734.995.5439 or use our Contact Form to send an email.

Severe Weather Policy

In the event of severe weather, programs may be cancelled. The Museum will cancel a program if school is cancelled in the AAPS school system, the location of the event or in between. If you choose not to reschedule your make-up Outreach Program, payment will be refunded less a 25% registration fee, which may be applied to a future program. Rescheduling is the responsibility of the school and not the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum. 

CSS class: 

*NEW* WORKSHOP Preschool Science Storytime: Balancing Act

Outreach Workshop: Preschool Science Storytime: Balancing Act

This new workshop is designed just for your youngest learners. Using the story Balancing Act by Ellen Stoll Walsh, students will discover the joys of balance. We’ll use levers and fulcrums to see if we can find the perfect balance. Each 45-minute workshop will include an interactive story-time, an explorative hands-on activity, and group reflection time.      

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WORKSHOP Slime and the States of Matter

Outreach Workshop: Slime and the States of Matter

Is it a solid? A liquid? A gas? Your students will discover the properties of each state of matter by making our ooey, gooey slime. We’ll also discuss how molecules look and act when changing between states of matter. Students will get to take home their slime as well as a recipe to make it again at home.   

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WORKSHOP Wind Energy

Outreach Workshop: Wind Energy

Discover how wind can be harnessed to make electricity and build a working wind turbine!  In this workshop students will build a desktop wind turbine and will experiment with blade design and other variables to find the most efficient design for a wind power generator. Topics covered include potential and kinetic energy, electrical energy and energy transformation.


$310 - Includes two 50-minute workshops. Additional workshops $125 each.

WORKSHOP Lifecycles

Outreach Workshop: Life Cycles

Study the lives of seeds, frogs and insects in this dynamic workshop. We’ll identify stages of the life cycle using live beetles, start seeds and discover the order of different kinds of life cycles.


$310 - Includes two 50-minute workshops. Additional workshops $125 each.

WORKSHOP Nanoscience: The Science of Small

Outreach Workshop: Nanoscience: The Science of Small

What’s the smallest thing you can think of? We’ll learn about the science of the teeny tiny with activities that discuss scale, nano in nature and nanotechnology. Activities include explorations in scale and measurement, including a model of an Atomic Force Microscope which scientists use to “feel” things at the nanoscale. We’ll also discover how nanotechnology can be modeled after things found in nature using a very interesting property found in kale leaves.


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